SEO Rank Higher On Google

A lot of people are often saddled with thoughts about how they can make progress in their business. Many people build websites for their businesses or blogs and hoping to make good money from it, but what happens at the end of the day?


Their hopes are dashed, so they give up, the blog or website gets abandoned because the initial expectations were not met.


This has caused the serious quest for website recognition and visibility among website owners, they are yearning for ways through which they can improve their websites.


While many have already had it all figured out, others are still running in circles without getting the answers they crave for.


You might have looked for ways to promote your website. but you are still met with old tales and this has indeed resulted in a thing of pain and a source of worry to you.


You have met that digital whiz kid in your office and he promised you that there are a shorter means through which you can optimize your website. Get it on the forefront, you tried the method and till now you’ve not seen any tangible result to show for the amount of stress you went through.


Here are a few questions I’d like to ask you:


  • Do you want to boost the quality and volume of traffic on your website?
  • Are you ready to promote your business?


Having gone through these questions, I’m sure your answer is still a “yes”. The next thing you need to do is to stay glued to this post and open your mind to understand all that’s contained in here.


To optimize your site for SEO, you need to have the zeal, get in touch with the several techniques involved, and know who your competitors are.


When you identify the kind of people you compete with, it will help you to work on your website and tailor the contents to get better than your competitor


It could be you providing more value through your website posts or things like that. This! I tell you is one of the secrets of fast website growth.


Here are 5 ways through which you can optimize your website for a better SEO that will rank you high on google:


1. Do Keyword Research for SEO


Using the right keywords for your website might be what has been delaying that breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.


Using keywords is essential and you need to ensure that you pick a good one that will push your targeted traffic to your site at little or no cost. Using the right keywords will lift your business more than you ever dreamt of.


Right before we go into the necessary things, do you know that the keyword is one of the very important things that make your website rank high on google? Ok, now you know!


Let’s look at what a keyword is.


Keywords refer words people use often on the internet to search through the search engines to solve their problems.


For example; Restaurant near me, Car Mechanic in Christchurch, SEO NZ, SEO New Zealand, SEO Christchurch, Electrician Aukland, Leadership Development Wellington, Business Coach Christchurch, Plumber Hamilton, Painter in Otago, etc


How to come up with SEO based keywords


  • You can opt for online tools like; Soovle, Ubersuggest, Answer the public It’s free and easy to use. Made for searching keywords. Try to Use the keywords at least twice or thrice in your SEO article
  • Draft out a list that contains important topics relating to what you know about your website or business.
  • Check to see how your competitors are progressing with certain keywords. You can use that as a hint.
  • Study your brand.
  • Understand your headline and paint your keywords to suit it.


2. Local SEO


Google My Business Page is also another step you should take in making sure that your website ranks high on google. The essence of this is to ensure that people find you each time they search you on Google, your business or any other thing related to you.


This is a local SEO tool that is accessible to everyone and should be adopted. It’s very essential to install this, and then see your business triumph.


How to tailor your Google Business Profile to help your ranking

  • Put Your Business On The Map
  • Create a profile for yourself and your business.
  • Add your phone number and your opening hours.
  • Make your description about your business clear and concise
  • Keep editing your profile each time you change your location or business. This will help keep customers or clients updated


3. Technical SEO:


Technical SEO talks about the methods involved in making your website stand out as the best. But this time around, I am not talking about the website content.


Ever tried to open a website and the home page starts taking ages to load? Yes, that’s exactly what I am talking about. Technical Seo refers to the technical procedures taken to make sure your website is free of any problem.


Sometimes if you can’t do it yourself, you can contact VJ Digital SEO agency to help you ease stress and save time.


Ways through which you can optimize for technical SEO;

  • Ensure that broken links are fixed
  • Simple navigation
  • Improving the site structure
  • Increase website loading speed
  • Try as much as possible to reduce pop-ups, they tend to prevent your audience from seeing your content.


4. On-Page SEO:


On-page SEO refers to the practice of promoting your website on your website. You can do all the optimization on your website.


Doing an on-page ranking helps users get signals about your page when they search you on the search engines.


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Tips on how to carry out On-page SEO

  • Put out contents that are of high quality
  • Make sure your website can load fast
  • Use better titles and clear description
  • Make page content stand out.
  • Headings, titles and contents should be optimized.


5. Off-Page SEO:


Off-page SEO are activities that happen outside your website i.e they are not done on your website.  It can involve promoting your links on other people’s websites or social media platforms.


Tips on how to do a better off-page SEO

  • Link building
  • Learn your social media skills.
  • Guest post while you can
  • Ensure that you build trust
  • Create posts on online forums




Note that when you optimize your website and give it an SEO ranking. You can increase your chances of making high sales if you own your business, and drawing the right traffic to your website. If your search engine optimization is good! Then, you are already on your pathway to establishing a great online presence.


If you need help with your Search Engine Optimization SEO, feel free to check out VJ digital SEO agency in Christchurch NZ