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Creating a new website might seem inexpensive, but costs can add up. And this does bring the question, how much can a website cost and is it a good idea to create one?


Right off the bat, creating a website is one of the best ways to boost your exposure online. It can bring in amazing results and the return on the investment itself will be amazing.


But at the same time, the costs of a website will differ.


The idea is to know what you are getting into and what you can expect. Understanding even an estimated cost for a website can be important, and it will give a good insight into what you can expect.


In the end, once you know the website cost, it will be easier to handle the situation and manage funds.


What are the regular website costs?


These will differ based on the features of the website. A standard website will cost you around $3000, but a website can also cost you up to $20000 or even more.

The idea is to know what you need, the features you want to add and complexity of adding features to your website.


The more complex the website is, the more challenging it will be for you.


And that’s why you need to understand the challenges and costs related to this, and if you do it right this can be well worth it in the end, that’s for sure.


Things to consider


When you want to create a website, there are some important things to keep in mind. What type of website does the audience expect you to have? In some niches, people expect flashy, impressive websites.


But for the more serious niches like finance or banking, you need a website without too many impressive visuals. Yet which is feature-filled and easy to use for the customers.


The purpose of your website can make a major difference, and that’s something to keep in mind.


Also, you need to see if you need a membership or online registration for the site, based on that you might adjust the costs.


Also, if your website needs an online payment feature, that can increase the costs too.


The same thing happens with customisation. Once you need to add customisation to the site, the costs can rack up, and you need to adjust the budget.


Every single addition will end up costing you money, and you should consider it for the best experience and results.


Once you do that, the payoff alone can be among some of the best.


Estimated costs based on the website size


Another thing to consider when it comes to the website cost is the size of your website. A standard website with 5 -10 pages will cost you around $3000-$6000.


If you want a website with up to 20 -40 pages, that will go anywhere from $10000 to $15000 or sometimes a bit more. In case you need a huge e-commerce website with lots of products, you can pay anywhere from $15000 to $25000.


So yes, it will be quite the challenge to create a new business when you have massive costs to deal with right from the start.


But knowing these costs also gives you a good insight into what you can expect and the results you can get.


With a little bit of patience and commitment, you can make this work well. It’s all about understanding the process and adapting it to your own needs.


What about the agency rate? Most agencies will charge you around $75 to $100 per hour for a website project.


And they can spend 30-50 or more hours, so you can see prices can rack up fast. That’s especially true if you have a massive website with lots of products and services.


It’s said that it takes around 30 hours to create a decent website, so that means at least $3000. If you want more stuff on it or extra features, costs can go up from there.


When someone wants to create a website for a lower price, that means cutting some corners. If the content, pictures, titles and headings are there, that might help.


But the reality is that creating a new website from scratch in less than 30 hours is difficult, so you can expect the costs to add up.


That’s because the homepage itself can take up to 8 hours of work, and the interior pages can take 2-3 hours per page.


If you have 10 pages, that’s at least 20 hours of work right there. And then you also have optimisation for around 3-4 hours and a similar amount of time for tweaks.


How can you lower the website costs?


There are some ways to cut corners here. But they are not recommended unless you have no choice and you need an inexpensive website.


For example, you can start with a predesigned template.


You could also have a simple website that doesn’t have a whole lot of content on it. You could also avoid hiring an agency and instead, you can go with a freelancer. This might lower the costs as well.


What will raise the website costs?


If you have lots of content, images and pages to be added to the site, that’s bringing in a lot of costs.


You also have to realize that custom content types like job listings, staff bios, calendars, catalogues, portfolios, directories and many others. These features that you need to take into consideration when you build your website.


The same thing happens with adding online payments, memberships or special features.




Creating a website can be costly, and it can only get more expensive if your website needs more features.


But, you need to see your website as an important investment for the business.


Once you do that, you will understand that most websites will give a good return and help you recoup your money fast.


You need a proper online exposure, so it’s all a matter of understanding what you need and adapting everything based on your budget!


Website is a representation of yourself and your brand.


Remember: If you don’t invest in a great website, you WON’T make sales. Hire a cheap web designer, and you’ll get a poor website and zero results.


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