Website Conversions

OK, so you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur and you want to create a website that actually converts visitors into customers. It usually starts with a two-step process…


Step one:


You already have a website.  It’s nothing special.  In fact, it kinda sucks.  It’s not mobile friendly, it’s slow, the design is outdated.  Basically, every time you look at it, you can see why people wouldn’t buy anything from the site and you need some serious help to fix it.


Step two:


Since your website is terrible, you start browsing the web looking for some good examples.  You’ve got an idea of what you picture in your head, you pass it on to a website developer and they build it for you and say goodbye.


You never hear from them again, they don’t care or not if your website works.  They’re happy you paid them some money to slap your pictures in a WordPress template and call it a day.



The problem with the “usual” two-step process above is that it’s the wrong way to build or redesign a website.  And to be completely transparent, when you want to build a site or improve your site that’s not even where you start!




1. Who Is The Website For?


Think about it… most people build a website for themselves.  Right off the bat, even that frame of mind is completely WRONG!  You’re not building a site for you.  You’re building the site for your customer!


It’s not to tell them how awesome you are and how long you’ve been in business and that you care so much about your customers and blah, blah, blah.




The only time they care about any of that stuff is if it somehow helps the problem they are facing.  You see… people are coming to your site because they have some sort of problem or issue, they need to be fixed or solved.  And they are looking for your website to show them how YOU can solve their problem.


Telling them you’ve been in business since 1975 doesn’t tell them you can solve their problem.  Are we on the same page?  OK, good.  Let’s keep going!


2. Do You Understand Everything You Need To Know?


Before you even think about building a website, you need to understand your place in the marketplace, how you fit, how your service fits, etc…


To do this you should have a solid understanding of these four components:

Your Business

Your Competition (The other guy’s business)

Your Industry

Your Customers


If you understand what your ideal customer wants, what the industry as a whole is doing to serve this need, and specifically what your competition is offering to attract customers…


THEN, and only THEN can you create your offer and make it better than anyone else!


 3. How Are You Going To Send Traffic To Your Site?


Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, and it will be the lifeblood of yours too!  If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have leads.  If you don’t have leads, you don’t have sales.  If you don’t have sales, you don’t have money.



If you don’t have money, you’re out of business.


You need to come up with a strategy for how you’re going to send traffic to your site BEFORE you build it.  This is usually a mix of local Christchurch SEO, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Landing Pages, Etc… Etc… (BTW… If you’re in Christchurch we can help with this.)


4. Is Your offer The Best It Can Possible be? 


The thing about websites and their ability to convert sales doesn’t come down to the site as much as it comes down to your offer.  You could be selling a punch in the mouth and have the most amazing website in the world… and you’re not making many sales.


You could be offering Brand new Range Rovers for $1… and have the most terrible site in the world, and you’ll probably get quite a few sales!


The bottom line is you have to come up with an offer and product that people actually need and want to buy!  Without that carefully thought out and planned, a website is money down the drain.


Now, once you’ve tackled these four steps and properly answer them, we can FINALLY move to our original step one above… Where the novices are starting out… but you’re not a novice now… you know better 🙂


Now we can start thinking about your website.  Let’s start with this:


Will Your Site Be Well-Built And Optimised?


We are a local business web design in Christchurch, and we help business owners go through all of these steps and more to not only create awesome sites and funnels, etc… but create awesome websites and funnels that CONVERT because we thought through these things FIRST!


Once you have a proper strategy in place, then it becomes finding the right web designer and web developer to get you a site that’s well-built and optimized as you need for success.


  • You’ll want your site to be fast!
  • You’ll want your site to have a great copy that explains what your offer is VERY clearly, so people can see that you solve the problem they have!
  • You’ll want a modern and responsive design.  People don’t want to buy something from a site that looks like it was built in 2002.  (Do we even have to say that??)
  • You’ll want your site to have an easy layout to navigate and drive people to the action you want them to take.


These are a few of the things we’ll help you do.  (Sorry to break the news… but the other guys probably won’t do this.)


So, now the question becomes this: Are you ready to build a strategy and website that convert your visitors into sales and bottom-line profits?  If so, we’re the ones to help! Contact us today as we are a SEO Christchurch NZ Agency, and let’s talk!


Thanks for reading! 🙂 If you enjoyed it, please leave a comment below… It would mean a lot to me.